History of capitalization Unique environment of the Kherson region aroused ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ in everyone, who came to this land since the beginning of civilization. Nomadic tribes of Cimmerians and the Celts have achieved good results in animal husbandry...
Industrial tourism Kherson region offers you to penetrate into amazing world of industrial tourism. You will meet a kingdom of mechanical decadence here: the singing silence of the abandoned buildings, empty sockets of windows with no glass and preserved steel frames of factories – the dinosaurs of the last epoch, keeping the secrets of their past life.
Biosphere Reserve Ascania-Nova As you come to the reserve Ascania-Nova, the place, which is assigned to the «100 great reserves and parks» of the world, and «7 wonders of Ukraine»...
The philosophy of saffing program Developing the staffing program, we proceed from the understanding that each epoch in human evolution was personified with the key idea, which owned the society.
The philosophy of Territorial Planning Considering the point of planning area, we come to understand that the only option for solving the contradiction between the growing needs of humanity and the biosphere inability to provide them with a shift of humanity to the harmonious development of a new form of "nature-society-man."
Education Kherson has considerable scientific potential, recognized in the world scientific schools, an advanced system of training.
Инициатива 2030 и высшая школа Создавая стратегию развития «Конкурентоспособной Херсонщины» мы не можем упускать высшую школу. Проблемы высшего образования, как правило, неразрывно связаны с проблемами экономики страны.
"Ecology, Environment and Nature" Mykola Kostyak's article , which was included to the book "Ecology, Environment and Nature," which was presented at the International Environmental Forum "Environment for Ukraine" (was held on 24-26 April 2012 in Kiev).
Public Movement "Competitive Kherson region" Kherson region, has made a choice in favor of a new civilization of social, humanitarian choice, based on the principles of harmony, freedom of choice and responsibility, begins a difficult way to find an innovative formula of successful management of complex social organism, which is the region.