History of capitalization Unique environment of the Kherson region aroused ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ in everyone, who came to this land since the beginning of civilization. Nomadic tribes of Cimmerians and the Celts have achieved good results in animal husbandry...
Culture Kherson region You are invited by a unique edge, which harmoniously combine the cultural traditions of different eras and nations.The pyramids of the Kherson region are waiting for you - mysterious mounds that hold the memory of the ancient nomadic tribes of the Celts, Cimmerians, Scythians, Sarmatians, as well as the secrets of the militant Amazons.
Tsyurupinsk district Arriving to the Kherson region, do not miss the opportunity to visit one of the most unique places in the world. A story about staying in the Tsyurupinsk district will make you interesting to talk to any company for life.
Education Kherson has considerable scientific potential, recognized in the world scientific schools, an advanced system of training.
The philosophy of Territorial Planning Considering the point of planning area, we come to understand that the only option for solving the contradiction between the growing needs of humanity and the biosphere inability to provide them with a shift of humanity to the harmonious development of a new form of "nature-society-man."
Индустрия здоровья Накануне проведения Международного туристического форума, который будет проходить на Херсонщине в мае текущего года мы начинаем публикацию материалов под рубрикой «Индустрия здоровья». Убеждены, что главной миссией Херсонской области является именно такое направление, и это имеет огромное значения для всей страны.
Перспективы развития индустриальных парков в Херсонской области Стратегией развития Херсонской области на ближайшие 3-5 лет предусмотрено создание целого ряда индустриальных парков.
Public Movement "Competitive Kherson region" Kherson region, has made a choice in favor of a new civilization of social, humanitarian choice, based on the principles of harmony, freedom of choice and responsibility, begins a difficult way to find an innovative formula of successful management of complex social organism, which is the region.
Инициатива 2030 и высшая школа Создавая стратегию развития «Конкурентоспособной Херсонщины» мы не можем упускать высшую школу. Проблемы высшего образования, как правило, неразрывно связаны с проблемами экономики страны.