Characteristics of the sphere

Education Network of the Kherson region includes more than 1,200 educational institutions. Includes over 500 pre-schools, 600 schools, nearly 80 non-school institutions, 29 professional technical and 22 higher education institutions (14 institutions of I-II accreditation level and 8 institutions of III-IV).

Each year technical schools field produces about 5.5 thousand workers, more than 100 specialty areas: skilled workers for industry, agriculture, construction, transportation, communications, trade, public catering and consumer services.

Higher education institutions of all accreditation levels produce more than 12 thousand professionals (about 1 thousand masters, 4,5 - professionals, about 3 thousand bachelors, masters of nearly 4 thousand). Kherson State, National Technical and Agricultural University, Kherson State Maritime Academy are training specialists of international level who are in demand in the global labor market.

Kherson has considerable scientific potential, recognized in the world scientific schools, an advanced system of training. Scientific and technical activities in the area do about 30 organizations. Among them, Institute of Agriculture Southern Region, Southern Institute of Vegetable and water-melon cultures, Institute of Animal of the steppe regions "Askania-Nova" by.Falts-Fein, Research and Design Institute of Land Management, Engineering and Technology Center for the fertile of soils, the steppe Branch of the Research Institute of Forestry economy.

The successes of scientific schools of the Kherson region are highly appreciated not only in other regions of Ukraine but also abroad.

Reform of the sphere 

Work on the coordination of job descriptions, standards and training programs in education and skill requirements of jobs, resulting in a plan to create centres of vocational education with the introduction of innovative technologies for industry and professional purposes is started:

- industrial (shipbuilding and mechanical engineering) - based on the Kherson shipyard professional lyceum;
- for agriculture - based on the Archangel, Chaplinka professional agricultural schools, Beryslav, Ivanovka and Kakhovka professional agricultural schools;
- for services - at the Kakhovka  Lyceum  of professional services.

Also work on developing methods of evaluation of the regional vocational-technical schools is started.

During the regional teleconference was sounding the question on the preparation of educational field to work in 2012/2013 academic year. Attention is paid to what need to get start on creating appropriate conditions for teaching the youngest students and this meeting was decided to consider as a start of a national campaign "Give hand to first grade."

With the new school year in primary school will be implemented the new State standard of primary education and new programs. The most important task is to improve the organization of school meals and landscaping. Will be reviewed the concept of school meals, repaired equipment for play and sports grounds, stadiums, and the needs identified by the redistribution of textbooks for secondary schools.

Within the training material and technical base of educational institutions of the region to work in the new 2012/13 academic year is scheduled to make big repair on 84 sites of education. Is supported the proposal to make September 1 a weekend for parents whose children go to school for the first time.

In order to organize appropriate training schools in 2012/2013, the heads of district state administrations, Mayors of regional importance cities should make a number of specified events.

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