Today's global market tends to grow in breadth, searching for "free niches" rather than deep, avoiding the more difficult path of self-improvement, innovation and harmonious development. But it became clear that socially unbalanced industrial-market model of development has exhausted itself. The pursuit of infinite material accumulation, which generates society of  "unlimited consumption" is incompatible with the "limited capacity of the Earth" and contrary to a real human philosophical and ideological values. Humanity begins to manifest a new philosophy of sustainable development and harmonious look for a new formula of its life, in which competition plays a key role. After all, it creates conditions that innovations naturally squeezed out of outdate technologies.

In the current realities security, development and strengthening of states (territories, cities and other associations) do not come into conflict with each other and correspond. Accordingly, we review and understand the competition. This is not a way to ease someone, but it’s an opportunity to become stronger, professionally, better.

The competitive system creates significant unity - unity of private and public interests. The main advantage of highly developed countries is related to its human potential. Societies are built on the principle of competition, and create conditions for the emergence of competitive personality - a factor that gives a competitive advantage in the development of the territory. Creative freedom and self-identity in the economy leads to the development and creation of new competitive products and services, resulting in winning territory as a whole. Therefore, the task of society is to create favorable conditions for promoting competition.

Today Kherson region is a pilot territory, where began to be realized international project "Competitive Kherson region", which aims to transform the region in a short time in the territory of the accelerated development of new type.

Kherson has made its choice in favor of a new civilization socio-humanitarian development.
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