Agro-industrial complex

Characteristics of the sphere

Base and a source of sustainable development in most branches of agriculture in the region and the basis of its agricultural exports is the production of grain. Main crop is a winter wheat. Also in the area are cultivated soybean, maize, millet, barley, etc. One of the main directions of development of agriculture of the region are vegetable and melon production.

Following 2010 results Kherson is on the 1st place for growing vegetables in Ukraine. During the mass ripening of melons region is able to sell 300 tons of melons. It also raised early vegetable products (under the greenhouses devoted to more than 800 hectares). In each year there is an opportunity to send the deposit of more than 350 tons of vegetable production.

On the lands of the Kherson region are cultivated great for its taste sweet cherry, apricot, peach, pear, plum, dogwood, walnut and other fruits. Using the table and technical grades let to get materials for production of wine materials for the manufacture of wine, which not inferior in quality with products of famous French vineyards.

It is also the leading branch of agriculture is animal husbandry. The share of the animal husbandry industry in total gross output of agriculture is more than 25%. Dairy industry is represented by milk (milk production) and beef cattle (source of beef), pigs (pork receipt), sheep (lamb intake, wool, sheepskin, sheep cheese), aviculture (eggs and meat of chickens, geese, ducks, turkeys, quails). In 2010 in the whole region per capita produced 62.1 kg of meat (live weight), 280.4 kg of milk, 400.9 eggs, this corresponds to physiological standards of consumption of animal products.

The rate of gross of agricultural output by region for January - June 2011 amounted to 105.5% compared to the corresponding period of the last year.

Reform of the sphere 

Reform in agriculture is continuing. Technological modernization of agricultural sector and its transformation into an efficient, competitive in both domestic and foreign markets economy is held.

For the purpose of technical and technological re-equipment for the 2010-2011 years agricultural producers bought 2,605 units of agricultural equipment totaling 524 million UAH, that allowed to improve soil fertility, reduce energy consumption, contribute to environmental protection.

For today the basic priorities of the field of animal husbandry are determined - a further development of large farms, which provide production of quality competitive products of animal origin. 

Implementation of the project on construction of poultry complex in the village Shidne of Belozka district. Poultry complex by the chicken egg production will be one of the largest in Europe, is designed to hold 5.0 million chickens, hens, and 2.5 million head of young birds. It is planned to receive more than 1 billion eggs annually, which will provide the domestic market and increase its exports.
In addition, the complex will include a factory to produce biogas, which gives the advantage to reduce chemical and bacteriological pollution of soil, air and water, produce environmentally friendly bio-fertilizers, usage of which will increase yield by 30-50% and get environmentally friendly products. Also, heat from the combustion of biogas will be used for poultry heating and sold. Feed factory, which will be constructed on campus will allow agricultural producers of Belozerka, Beryslav districts to have stable market of cereals and a 275 thousand tons annually.
With construction of the poultry in the village Shidne is planned to create 200 jobs for local people. The enterprise has developed a scheme of training, guaranteed rest, stable wages, and solving of social problems in the entire village.

In 2012, there will be also introduced two investment projects to revive the field of sheep, 3 to dairy cattle breeding and 1 for poultry, that will also contribute to the revival of the Ukrainian village.

The region continues to attract investment and own funds on modernization of logistics enterprises. So in 2012 the agricultural sector will increase, develop competitive gross of agricultural output, will create new 4050 work places for rural residents, will increase in 20% the average wage in agriculture, as required by the social initiatives of the President of Ukraine.

In the region is conducted and approved the regulatory monetary valuation of land five inhabited localities in Novovorontsovsky, Henichesk and Velyka Oleksandrivka districts. Soon the new monetary valuation will come into effect. In 42 other localities of different districts are taking appropriate works. For existing contracts the total value of works for the monetary value is about 591.2 thousand UAH. At present, local councils have paid to performers about 70% of the cost. Most of the funds - 227.5 thousand UAH are used by local budgets, nearly 174 thousand - funds received as compensation for loss of agricultural and forestry production.

In February of this year, authorities of land area prepared materials for the sale of six non-agricultural land plots with total area of 1.45 ha to more than 941.4 thousand UAH. Local authorities and local self-government sold two plots of more than 170.4 thousand UAH. In general, for two months from the sale of land and payment of instalments for previously purchased land the budgets received approximately 4.6 million UAH, almost 1.2 million - to the state and more than 3.3 million UAH - to the local budgets.

For today, the region adopted 95 decisions on the separation of state and municipal property. Has been developed 19 projects for land division of state and municipal property in the towns, of which 7 projects approved by the relevant decisions of the council, 12 - under development and approval. Of the total area owned by citizens and legal entities are registered 1534.0 thousand hectares. Area of collective property is 0.8 hectares. Other lands with total area of 1311.3 hectares are owned by the state and have to be to delimitate.

Agricultural fairs - the implementation of social initiatives of the President: lower prices for basic foodstuffs.

The regional government has done everything to fairs have become a tradition for residents of Kherson region.

On the eve of May Day celebrations on April 28 in four districts of Kherson region were held agricultural fairs.

Attendees were more than 300 companies from eighteen districts and cities of Kherson region and Nova Kakhovka who provided products totalling 83 million 217 thousand 180 UAH. Prices: all products are sailed at market by prices lower at 30-50%. Pork can be purchased at the price of 30,0-33,0 UAH/kg, live fish (goby, carp) was sailed at a cost from 5 to 20.0 UAH/kg. Potatoes cost 1.00 UAH/Kg, white cabbage – 0.80 UAH/kg, carrots from 0.90 UAH/kg, onion by 0.40 UAH/kg, beetroot - from 0.90 UAH/kg. Oil on 10,0-11,0 UAH/litter, butter - from 48.0 UAH to 55.0 UAH/kg, honey by 25.0 UAH/kg, flour from 3.70 UAH/kg, apples for the price from 3 UAH/kg, rice at a price from 4.75 UAH/kg. Chicken eggs - 5 UAH (50 kopecks a piece).

Locations: four districts of the city (Dniprovsky, Shumensky, Tavrichesky and "Korabel" micro districts).

The main purpose is:
- to provide the population with quality products at reasonable prices;
- to reduce market prices for products in the regional center.

Previous fairs were held April 7 and December 24.

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