The philosophy of Branding of the territory

In a globalized world the correct positioning of the territory, increasing its competitiveness is the key to success. In turn, the strategy of improving the competitiveness of the territory is its branding.

"Branding of the territory" - a set of emotional and rational representations arising from human (consumer, investor, partner, tourists, etc.) for any mention about contact with the area as well as any information about it.

This is a complex category, which reflects the state of the economy, politics, ecology and social institutions. It includes geography, climate, characteristics of the history, religion and culture, mentality and living standards, the state of science, education and sports. It manifests itself in the level of development and progress of the territory, in the image of the goods and services, image and power of the nation as a whole, the reputation of partners in the style of decision-making level of interest in the country (as far as interesting to visit, work and life), in news reports, telling the world about it.

The basis of the brand is identity - a brand is built on core values, the exclusive territory of the characteristics that have proven their competitiveness and resilience. Brands of territories do not compete, but complement and reinforce each other in their individual content, thereby creating a strong and unique brand of country.

Branding - it's a kind of strategic plan for the area through which develop the most promising areas of life, ideas and suggestions are converted into action, capitalization and investment increase, the quality of life increases, and as a result attitude to the territory becomes better as at its inhabitants, and the whole of the world. But this result is only possible as a result of continuous and coordinated work of all institutions of authorities, businesses and the public.

And the most important - talking about branding should be remembered that the territory is not a "trademark" and not "pop star". The territory does not develop with the help of vivid and beautiful graphic logos - it develops through the economic activity of its inhabitants. Therefore, branding requires more than just creating an attractive image, but also to change the reality that you can see, check, and, ultimately, to believe it.

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Keep these articles coming as they've oneepd many new doors for me.
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AFAIC that's the best awnesr so far!
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nai, paei sto Holmes.... ekei katelhksa kai gw...na ypstoehw oti exei ki o provatos etairikh syndromh ???paizei alhtheia tipota s ayto to gym, h tzampa paei o kosmos?

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