The philosophy of E-governance

Developing e-government program, we proceed with the understanding that the current trend of globalization is inherent in all processes. In turn, the globalization of the very significant impact exercise communication and information technologies 'grip' space and time, erase the borders – creating a single information network and general civilization.

Social life is rapidly changing and needs dynamic and adequate response. Inert bureaucratic hierarchy's monopoly on information stayed in the past. The key to successful operation of any authority is to create an information management system that increases the effectiveness of acceptable solutions.

E-governance is an organization of power (with IT-technologies) in real time, provision of affordable communication with citizens and legal entities, reaching strategic development area in all directions. Implementation of e-governance leads to improve organizational structure of executive power.

With the help of e-government strategic objectives are communicated to each employee. Then, through the mechanisms of control parameters, is measured the effectiveness of achieving the goals, processes all the success and effectiveness of every employee.

The system provides highly motivating government personnel and improves its management. It’s as part of implementing of e-government system of public finance. Because it increases the accuracy of planning, drafting and implementation of performance budgeting, the causes are deviations of actual receipt of funds from scheduled.

With this system in "real time" it is possible to refine the plan and budget at the district level, village or town, analyze expenditure and revenue side, form the legal, financial commitments and payment orders.

Also is implementing "electronic document" - informational highway of the system of electronic management. It covers all stages of life cycle of documents – from the training patterns of electronic signature to the archival storage of documents.

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