The philosophy of cluster approach of the development of the region

Developing a strategy of development of the Kherson region on the basis of the cluster, we proceed from the understanding that the region's development strategy envisages an increase in competitiveness in traditional and in new, knowledge-intensive sectors - improving the quality of human capital, developing high-tech industries, innovation factors in the transformation of the source of economic growth. All these processes involve the interaction of the system and the strategic partnership of power, society, business and science.

In order to provide the dynamics of the processes of socio-economic growth of the territory is very suitable to use the opportunities of public-private partnership - the mutually beneficial interaction between government and business for solutions of important problems (from development areas and strategically important industries to the provision of public services). Public-private partnerships can leverage resources and technology to optimize the risks, prevent corruption factors. The partnership represents a particular configuration of interests in which the state defines socially meaningful purpose, performs a supervisory role, as well as acting as a partner, becoming interested in the effectiveness of the overall results of the project and ensuring the commercial effect.

In the framework of the principles of public-private partnership in the Kherson region started the implementation of the cluster approach of the development of the region. A cluster is a new management technology, competitive engine that brings together government, business, scientific and educational institutions to coordinate efforts to achieve a synergistic effect, which is expressed in increasing the competitiveness of the entire system as compared to separate economic entities.

Clusters, which are introduced in the Kherson region, are divided to the industry and socio-economic. Industry - a unity of efforts for the development of strategically important industries. Socio-economic – a unity of efforts to address the urgent humanitarian and social problems of the territory. With this model, the implementation of business projects includes reconstruction of social infrastructure, without which the harmonious development of the area and therefore the successful implementation of any project is impossible.

Interdependence and interrelation between the processes of clustering, enhance competitiveness and accelerate innovation – a new economic phenomenon, which will allow the Kherson region to resist the onslaught of global competition and thus meet the requirements of national and regional development.

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