The philosophy of the reform of Environmental sphere

Developing programs of the protection of the environment (within the framework of the International project "Competitive Kherson region"), we proceed from the understanding that humanity, being an integral part of nature, on the one hand needs to be defined as a medium of their habitat, and on the other - the very same has this as a direct and powerful influence.

To date, the relationship between man and nature at an impasse. Humanity refers to the Planet, as an inanimate storehouse of useful resources that can be used as consumer-myopic.

The dynamics of human-induced accelerations exceed the natural capabilities of nature to heal itself and causes a global change. In turn, the adaptive capabilities of the human body are also not limited to the changes of the environment. Pathological changes in the nature leads to physical and spiritual degradation of humanity and cause irreversible changes in its genotype.

The world was at a crossroads – either to continue the path leading to devastating environmental disaster or choose a new way of civilized development, based on achieving Harmony between Man and Nature. This is the way of the transition of the biosphere in the sphere of reason – the noosphere. This is the way in which Mind takes responsibility for Nature. Gradually the greening of public consciousness, the greening of the material and spiritual life of society appear. The relationship of human society and nature will be harmonious, that will become inevitably, that will lead to the subordination of short-term political and economic interests of the highest human values.

The main task of the program of the protection of the environment (which is being developed within the framework of the International project "Competitive Kherson region") – the greening of the region's economy, the development of environmental infrastructure, which will correlate all the other needs. The system of green infrastructure implies the preservation of ecological balance, rational and scientifically sound management of natural resources, eliminate environmental unmet economic complex. Action programs aimed at achieving environmental excellence, which is composed of the productive use of resources and minimize the external negative effects.

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Supbelry illuminating data here, thanks!
Kola / 28.02.2012 14:12
You make thngis so clear. Thanks for taking the time!
Divya / 28.02.2012 14:20
With all these silly webtsies, such a great page keeps my internet hope alive.

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