Philosophy of construction and renovation of Housing

Developing housing modernization program, we proceed from the understanding that humanity in the third millennium, in accordance with the challenges of the time – changing to a system of balanced development, which reduce the anthropogenic pressure on the biosphere, provides guarantees of continuous development of mankind. The main "super mission of mankind" is to achieve harmony between the needs of present and future generations. Humanity, in order to preserve itself, must take responsibility for the maintenance and development of the biosphere - and this requires a new social organization, environmental and humanistic ethics, which fundamentally will change all spheres of life.

Balanced development in the context of optimal economic, environmental and social conditions for future generations is intimately related to the sphere of Housing, which main objective is the organization of territorial space by means of the harmonious development of human engineering, transport, social and other infrastructure. The main goal is the improving of the living conditions of comfort, work and recreation. Under comfortable conditions should be understood as a convenient and safe housing, supportive environment, security, good infrastructure, high standards of quality of life.

Developing housing modernization program (within the international project "Competitive Kherson region"), we propose an algorithm to overcome the crisis in Housing and utilities to implement a system of competitiveness. This system provides for the involvement of qualified specialists and managers, the embodiment of new energy technologies, economic quality of service. In addition – creating conditions for attracting large-scale investment (investment protection and clear pricing policy). The same system provides the transition from dating budget to other forms of financing, including payment for services by consumers in full (including mechanisms for the protection of the poor).

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