The philosophy of the reformation of the sphere of industry

Developing a program of the reformation of the spheres of industry, we aim to establish the basic principles, key priorities and mechanisms for scientific and industrial and innovation policies to the scientific and business community to participate in the modernization of the industrial complex of the Kherson region.

The growing globalization of the economy led to the creation of supranational markets with new, stringent rules. To be successful in the modern realities, it is necessary to be competitive: not enough just to maintain existing production, but should be introduced technological innovations, attracted highly qualified personnel, improved the efficiency of the production sphere.

The main task of the program is the creation of innovative post-industrial economy, based on competitive (domestic and foreign markets) industrial complex area, which is created through the strategic co-operation with research and scientific and educational organizations.

The main objectives of the program are:
1. Intensive modernization and improvement of production efficiency (the attraction of investments for technological upgrading, the interaction with the scientific sector, the usage of energy-saving technologies).
2. The formation of innovative industries, areas of high-tech services (introduction of scientific research by creating scientific and industrial clusters).
3. Human resource development (elimination of the highly professional staff shortages, increased interaction between educational institutions and employers, the development of technical park structure in research and university centers, the formation of platforms for innovation in high-tech enterprises).

Upgrading of the industrial complex sphere, and accordingly the transition of economics of the region to a new, post-industrial level, will allow the Kherson region to become in a short time, a territory of priority development with the high quality of life.

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Corine / 08.12.2012 11:24
At last! Somenoe with real expertise gives us the answer. Thanks!

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