The philosophy of the reforming of tourism

Developing a program of develop of the tourism and recreational opportunities of the Kherson region, we proceed from the understanding of the phenomenon of the integration process of globalization. In a single organism of the international community, together with the fact that erases geographic, economic, and political boundaries, cultural globalization is through "glocalization" - a set of local manifestations of authentic cultures.

Culture - a mechanism of self-identifications of the nation, which historically causes the path of its development and forms the ideology. The evolution of humanity leads him to a conceptually new way of development of civilization in which the consumer society turn into a society of building human and social values of the planetary patriotism. To achieve the harmony of mutual understanding among nations and peoples should be created the conditions for learning each other. Tourism provides this unique opportunity.

We perceive tourism as a tool for the formation of self and world view that can change our attitude to ourselves and the inhabitants of the region to improve the international image of the territory in the world community.

Therefore, as part of the program, along with infrastructure changes, market creation and promotion of inbound tourism field, we pay considerable attention to the basic ideological values, updating cultural heritage. We create the "quintessence of the usual" to help to see the uniqueness in the usual and realize the importance of preserving what helps us to be who we are.

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Kentarou / 28.02.2012 11:36
Wow! Great to find a post with such a clear msesage!

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