The philosophy of the reform of energy supply

Developing the program on energy supply in the Kherson region, we proceed from the understanding that the cause and result of all processes on Earth is energy. Energy is uniformly present in all places at all times. Energy is constantly in motion, moving from one state to another.

Human activity is directly dependent on the state of energy base. The level of socio-economic development (the development of productive forces, scientific and technical progress, etc.) determined by the amount of energy consumed per person.

To date, we realize that on the one side energy resources of the Earth (oil, gas, coal, etc.) are exhausted, on the other – that, despite the steady rise in energy prices, the majority of consumed energy is used inefficiently. So it should be noted that energy - it's an industry that during the existence of an independent Ukrainian state was the least exposed to the system upgrade.

Changing attitudes towards energy consumption - it's the only way for mankind's survival in the new century, which requires a search for new sources of energy, innovative energy technologies and equipment. Energy, as a philosophical category - the interaction of all kinds of matter that does not appear and disappear, and converted from one form to another, obeying the law of conservation. In this regard, it is time to pay more attention to the "efficiency."

In the program on energy supply of the Kherson region (which is being developed within the project "Competitive Kherson region") will be considered as a general energy efficiency (energy efficiency, improvement of technical and economic performance, the development of mechanism of energy auditing surveys) as well as issues of electricity and heat (increasing the reliability of electricity and heat supply, the introduction of innovative energy-saving equipment).

"Energy" as a whole should be understood as a complex of measures to implement the legal, organizational, scientific, industrial, technical, social and economic measures aimed at efficient (rational) and economical use of its spending, as well as the use of renewable energy sources. This is a complex of fundamental changes, which affects all areas, from legislation, ending by change of mentality of the nation, resulting in a revaluation of values, priorities changes and intrinsic motivation.

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Ігор Луценко / 14.02.2012 20:13
Декілька років, займаюсь альтернативною енергетикою. Цікаво долучитись до цієї роботи. Маю досвід в організації технологічних процесів на основі економічних розрахунків та методів підбору технологічного обладнання.
Saider / 28.02.2012 04:42
This was so helpful and easy! Do you have any atricles on rehab?
Nurra / 20.09.2012 12:53
Great insghit. Relieved I'm on the same side as you.
Gold / 20.09.2012 21:18
My hat is off to your atsute command over this topic-bravo!

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