Investment strategy

The main task for the government and the investor is the issue of timely identification of risks and implementation of an effective set of actions to minimize them. The authorities of the Kherson region are focusing on attracting investment, innovation, creation of conditions for transition to the ‘economy of knowledges,’ upgrade production facilities and infrastructure, eliminating systemic inter-sectoral imbalances, increasing economic resilience to the various threats and challenges. The modern type of economy is based on the accumulation and increasing of wealth. In the political economy theories ‘the cornerstone’ raised the question of accumulation of material resources - as a response to something that can make a person rich and therefore happy. Today, this approach is no longer relevant. Knowledge rather than material resources determine the future of the world. That is why the strategic objective of Kherson region - not only to consolidate their traditional advantages in the agricultural and processing sector, but also greatly enhance the role of innovative, high-tech sector.

Tax employees of Kherson region will output an economy from the shadow by "restyling" methods.

Improved technique of the struggle with shadow economy excludes the use of "iron" approach: no tax burden, only analytics and intelligence.

The effectiveness of new approaches is already tested by time. Back in February last year with the Tax Office was introduced an automated system to identify the subjects of the shadow economy and within that time rates have doubled.

Thus, last year the companies-"shadows" pay value added tax in the amount of 107.4 million UAH or 27.5% of the general meeting of this tax. And in three months of this year from companies in this category the budget received over 22 million or 18.8% of the general meeting of this tax.

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