Areas for investment

In the field of agriculture - the creation of a diversified agricultural sector and increase the competitiveness of local agricultural products: 
- restoration of drainage systems and the development of irrigated agriculture; 
- restoration of a high-performance environmentally friendly usage of irrigated lands; 
- construction of logistics centers (modern infrastructure for storage, processing and marketing of agricultural products); 
- production of high-yielding varieties of grain; 
- planting of grape and fruit cultures; 
- development of livestock and sheep on the cluster model. 

In the field of industry - to catalyze and support innovative change through the development of high-tech industries: 
- the development of shipbuilding, ship repair and navigation; 
- the development of high-tech agricultural machinery; 
- the development of mining and extractive industries; 
- the development of a small construction industry. 

In the field of transport infrastructure - the modernization of the widespread use of information technology and logistics: 
- increase the number and improving the technical condition of rolling stock of all types of transport. 

In the sphere of energy sector - development of sub-sectors - renewable energy: 
- implementation of projects on wind and solar power, building small hydropower plants; 
- the creation of biogas systems for livestock waste disposal facilities and mini-processing plants and agricultural waste of wood for pellets and briquettes. 

 In the tourism industry - the development of resort and recreational and health tourism: 
 - the development of existing and create new spa treatment centers; 
- the development of ecotourism; 
- creation of new types of tourism; 
- creation of the tourism industry; 
- the development of tourism information and logistics centers.

Management of the Regional State Administration works as to attract new investors, as well as on ways to return to the region of powerful foreign investors, which under certain circumstances ceased its activities in the region. Henceforth example is the decision to resume construction in Tsyurupynsk «Prinzhorn Holding» plant.

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