The philosophy of saffing program

The Industrial Age of the last century formed a "society of mass consumption," consisting of separate individuals with economic thinking, based on market fetishism. Philosophical and ideological values have given way to the material, which became a new social ideology.

Industrial and market civilization on the one hand led to increasing of the threat of self-destruction of mankind (anthropogenic pressure began to outstrip the Earth), and on the other - to value the vacuum in the minds of men, lack of faith in social progress, in their own development and future.

Today the world community ceases to be a collection of independent parts, becoming a single organism. Humanity is beginning to realize that it can survive and be preserved only by combining the collective intelligence. Today there is a gradual transition from the technosphere - the predominance of technology over the humanitarian aspects of the life to the noosphere - "the triumph of intellect and humanity" in the world, the prevalence of the sphere of reason, which determines the path of humanity and the planet as a whole system to achieve the main goal - the harmonious development of civilization.

Globalization of the space, creating an electron-technical civilization with a single global information space leads to the fact that with the apparent overabundance of information and knowledge is becoming more difficult to assess the adequacy of knowledge of reality. In such circumstances, the implementation of the society management is extremely complex process.

The state systems as closed rational system, the foundations of which were laid during the fundamentally different from the reality of today, are often unable to adjust to an adequate job in constantly changing conditions of the world. Response of the state administrative apparatus to the challenges of population is usually growth of the managers and the development of new analytical frameworks. Most often there are no cardinal positive changes.

The only way – to pay more attention to the key role of personality in all processes. That is why the staffing program is one of the important components of the foundation of the international project "Competitive Kherson region." The main objective of the program – creation a critical mass of people able to program the future of civilization, countries, cities, villages, based on humanistic and social choice.

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