Programs of innovative development

Globalization, crisis, instability of the world – all this requires the territories, organizations and institutions that want to be competitive, find new innovative ways of development, which, in turn, is impossible without close cooperation with the sphere of science.

Today, the challenges of modern science have to meet a complete rethinking of their approaches. New social phenomena, nonlinear processes are self-organizing world – all this leads to the synthesis of natural and social knowledge, the emergence of interdisciplinary fields.

General philosophical direction of research that meets the modern realities is the synergy that is considering a self-organizing model of the world in the context of self-developing systems, which include both: human and any industry, territory and the planet as a whole. Exactly synergy provides a basis for describing the mechanisms of innovation (from the ideological point of view, synergetic is the theory of evolution).

Foundation of the development of targeted and integrated development programs, Kherson region is an innovative approach – a pledge of the creation of the algorithm on a new level. In addition, to make the dynamics of development of the area, we use a synergistic effect, bringing together government, business, science and the public. Such approaches allow you to create trusted and respected team, the integration of knowledge, experience and work of which create a powerful impetus to improve the competitiveness of the Kherson region as a whole.

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