In the Kherson region there are strong and diversified industrial complex: the food and processing industry, machine building, electric power, chemical and petrochemical, fuel, light, etc. Industrial complex in the region include more than 220 companies employing about 70,000 workers. Volume of industrial production (of goods and services) in the selling prices of the manufacturer for 6 months of this year grew by 20% to the corresponding period of the last year and amounted to 4340 million UAH.

One of the main industries is mechanical engineering. Kherson region has technology of foundry of ferrous and nonferrous metals, recycling of aluminum. Kherson region plays an important role in ensuring the needs of the state in high-power electric machines, special welding equipment, agricultural machinery, ship building and repairing ships. The largest enterprises - OJSC "Shipbuilding Plant," Plant "Pallada," factory ship equipment and ship fittings "Sudmash," LLC "Kherson Machine-Building Plant," OJSC "Electric Plant," JSC "Mechanical plant," OJSC "Kakhovka plant of welding equipment," OJSC " Berislav.Machine-Building Plant."

In the Kherson region is one of the most powerful oil refineries in Ukraine - OJSC "Kherson oil refinery complex" with the primary refining capacity of 7.1 million tons per year. Now operates the project for the modernization and reconstruction of enterprises involving investment funds.

The strategic objectives of the industry are innovative structural change by encouraging the development of high-tech industries (particularly in engineering), the preservation of scientific and technological potential in the field of light industry and so on.

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