Sphere of housing and communal services

Characteristics of the sphere

Kherson region has an extensive system of housing and communal services. It combines the industry's municipal power system, water supply and sanitation, maintenance, housing, capital construction of housing and municipal purposes, municipal electric and road infrastructure.

In the system are nearly 600 businesses and organizations that produce and provide housing services. Of these, 25 companies provide warmth, almost 200 - water and drainage systems, 250 are engaged in the operation of housing, more than 60 - an accomplishment of settlements, and other types of services - more than 40 companies and organizations. In these industries are concentrated almost a quarter of fixed funds of the region.

The housing of the region is nearly 25 thousands sq. m. (urban housing fond - 61%, rural - 39%). Almost 90% of housing is privatized; actively is implemented work on creation of societies of co-owners of condominiums.

The industry needs reforming, updating the material and technical base, creating a competitive environment for the right of the owners to receive better service of the residential homes. Particularly relevant issue is the disposal of municipal solid waste (currently actively works competition for the best investment proposals), reconstruction of cleaning up wastewater, as well as the introduction of effective energy-saving policies aimed at reducing costs and loss of energy, reducing energy intensity of goods and services, which in the cost structure occupies a considerable part.

Reform of the sphere 

The main condition for effective reform of the housing area is to ensure the cooperation of local authorities, local executive authorities and the public. In order to solve priority problems of the industry, including key provisions of the National Program of Reform and Development of Housing, develop a program of Kherson region for 2011-2014 years (hereinafter - the Program), which approved the decision of the Regional Council session on January 21, 2011 number 79. State housing area needs investment of considerable funds.

Execution of tasks and activities of reform program and development of housing of Kherson region for 2011-2014 years is one of the important steps to address not only problems of the industry, as well as providing opportunities to make real steps towards modernization, energy-saving technologies, improvement and maintenance of housing management.

An important priority is to introduce a new approach to the housing, such as creation of controlling campaign, associations of condominiums and other community organizations.

In order to implement public policy in the region and to implement reform Program of the regional budget funding for seminars, training sessions for heads of operating condominiums and training in the organization of condominium associations for the period 2011-2014 years is $ 250 thousand is provided. 

By Department of Housing of the Regional State Administration, the guidelines are made: "Creation of Condominiums - a priority of reform and development program of housing in Kherson region for 2011-2014" and "Activity of condominiums as one of the ways of reform and development of the program housing in Kherson region for 2011-2014"; were trained 72 initiative groups wishing to create a condominium and a seminar on implementation of experience for 78 initiative groups and workshops for 204 heads of existing condominiums with the methodological literature. After the training workshop were issued the appropriate certificates.

On the initiative of Housing Department of Regional State Administration and support of Regional State Administration March 3, 2011 was registered NGO Kherson Regional Association "Common Cause," the head of the Regional State Administration Mykola Kostyak in October 21, 2011 approved the draft of the Charter of the Foundation for Support condominiums in Kherson region and Regulations on the use of this fund, at the session of the Kherson Regional Council was prepared a set of constituent documents of a specified fund, which will assist in financing the development of design estimates for further participation in government programs, it will encourage the population to create condominiums.

For today in Kherson region 523 associations established in 556 houses, representing 36% of the target figure are functioning.

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