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Kherson region - a transit territory with extensive transport system: rail, sea, river, road and air.

In the region operates four sea (in the lower reaches of the Dnieper on the Black and Azov Seas) and the two river trade ports, which ensure trade relations with 46 countries. Kherson Commercial Sea Port is one of the oldest in the south of Ukraine (founded over 200 years ago) with a year-round navigation and cargo to more than 3 million tons per year (annually at the port are handled more than 600 ships). It has road and rail access, communication with the inland waterways of Ukraine. In Skadovsk port works three lines of ferry service with Turkey, on the international corridors with the Middle East and Central Asia annually are transported hundreds of thousands of goods. The river port has 7 trucks and 11 passenger berths. Transit cargo handling capacity is 22 tons.

On the territory of Kherson lie two international transport corridors - the Eurasian (Odessa - Kherson - Simferopol) and the Black Sea (Odessa - Melitopol - Novoazovsk), connecting the region with the European and Asian space.

Kherson Airport 2.5 km. runway today is preparing to upgrade with attraction of investment capital.

Through the region lies 900 km of railway lines. By rail are transported over 5 million tons of cargo and more than 3 million passengers every year.

The total length of roads is more than five thousand km. (transport by road is carried out more than 300 companies).

Kherson region is the “water gate” of Ukraine. Therefore, water transport, as a branch of the economy, in collaboration with other transport modes contributes to the development of industry and agriculture, but also allows Kherson to take rightful place in the domestic and international distribution of transport services.

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Андрій / 03.03.2012 13:41
У Херсоні можливо та доцільно запровадити переведення комунального транспорту на електричну тягу. Як приклад - китайське місто Шеньчжень http://www.membrana.ru/particle/17677 . Слабо стати першими в Україні? Можна й їх виробництво в області налагодити
Анатолій / 04.05.2012 07:03
Невже Херсон наш гірше Гондурасу, невже таке лику його до сану? Як тільки сонце сяде за терасу, маршрутки зразу покидають трасу. Ганьба перевізникам та транспортному відділу, який їм потурає...Не правда, що ввечері немає пасажирів, просто ви їх не хочете бачити...Це є однією з причин посідання Херсоном останнього місця.

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