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Kherson region is an amazing region with a rich history, unique natural features, a colorful culture, which became the cradle of the Russian avant-garde.

The most ecologically clean area, which by its natural and climatic conditions is among the best areas of the world. Kherson region – the only region of Ukraine, which is washed by the Black and Azov (over 200 km of sandy beaches) and man-made Kakhovka Sea and salt Lake Siwash. In the resort area of the coast, there are over 300 different health institutions – sanatoriums, boarding houses, tourist facilities, recreation and children's health camps.

Here the sun shines 300 days a year. This is a land of rivers and lakes with beautiful backwaters and beaches, the largest in Europe smoothly, the only desert in Europe, the world's largest man-made forest, untouched steppes of protected lands (in the region are 5 reserves of national importance), endless hunting and fishing grounds.

Kherson region stores thousands of ancient burial mounds, temples and architectural complexes, cultural remains of ancient times, ancient cities, Cossack Siches and main seaport of Kievan Rus - Oleshshya.

Kherson region has a unique therapeutic: geysers, salt and mud of the lake, deposits of mineral and thermal waters, about 800 km coastline of the two seas – a giant natural inhaler (containing sodium chloride, iodine, bromine and therapeutic aroma of steppe grasses).

In the Kherson region are a variety of routes of environmental, health, extreme, industrial, ethnic and festival tourism.

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