Health care service

Characteristics of the sphere

The health system of the Kherson region consists of 5 regional, 5 city hospitals, 6 regional clinics, 18 central district, over 30 district hospitals, 80 rural health clinics, more than 400 medical stations.

In the health care system are involved 4000 highly qualified doctors and over 10 thousand medical assistants and nurses, including 40 candidates of medical sciences. In rural areas, there are programs to create living conditions for health workers (allocation of housing, land, housing loans).

In the region are active Centres for Prevention and Control of AIDS, health promotion, extreme care, medical and social institutions and forensic examination, two blood transfusion stations, more than 20 institutions of sanitary-epidemiological stations, College of Medicine, two medical schools.

In the region is provided work on restructuring of the healthcare industry. Provides model of introduction of primary health care on the basis of family medicine. In medical institutions is introduced new equipment, the presence of which makes it possible to diagnose complex diseases, including cancer, in the early stages of development, which is a major key to improving the effectiveness of the treatment population.

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Reform of the sphere 

According to the Budget Code of Ukraine and order Ministry of Health of Ukraine from 30.08.2010 № 735 "On confirmation of some stages of the reform of primary and secondary levels of care", 492 health care offices from primary 1 January 2011 transferred to the jurisdiction of the central district and city hospitals, namely:

- 21 district hospitals;
- 91 medical clinics, including 45 rooms - transferred to the balance of the CDH, 32 - leased, 14 - transferred to the operational management decisions made by district councils according to acts of reception-transmission; 
- 380 village health centres, including 119 rooms - transferred to the balance of the CRH, 199 - leased, 51 transferred to the operational management of the District Councils.

Ways of reforming health care at the primary level:

- development of a modernization plan for the network of facilities that provide the primary health care;
- with legislative support for learning the creation of 22 centres of primary health care as separate entities;
- strengthening of the social protection of health at the primary level;
- holding the preparatory phase to the contracting of health services to the population of primary care in 2013.

All primary offices are transferred to the financing of the district budget on January 1, 2011. However, the transfer of these institutions by the Village and Town Councils in the vast majority have no required technical documentation, which significantly complicates the operation of buildings (structures) for the purpose and practically makes impossible preparation of documentation of passing the accreditation, a property right, etc..

Is started work on maintenance of Phase II of reforming the health care system of Kherson region, including the creation of centres of primary health care in the central district and city hospitals and resolving the issue of a district health departments in the district state administrations. Moreover, the work of equipping of the regional oncologic dispensary is holding.

According to the Decree of the President of Ukraine from September 8, 2010 № 895/2010 "On measures to identify and implement projects with the priorities of socio-economic and cultural development" in Ukraine is implemented national project "New Life" - a new quality of maternity and childhood" to network of regional perinatal centres in Ukraine.

According to the schedule approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the State Agency for Investment and management of national projects of Ukraine and National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Kherson region included in the third phase of the project (in 2013). Specified question personally take care the Head of the Regional Administration M. Kostyak. At this time the preparatory work is continuing.

Creation of a regional perinatal centre will help to improve the quality and availability of skilled care for pregnant women and new-borns and as a result - reducing of maternal and infant mortality. In addition to the regional perinatal centre, the process of reforming the healthcare industry provides closing maternity units of low-power and the creation of inter-district maternity hospitals.

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