"Clean City. Clean River. Clean Planet"

17-18 November 2011 in Kherson will held 3rd International Ecological Forum "Clean City. Clean River. Clean Planet."
The mission of the Forum - promoting the preservation of natural resources and biological diversity, increasing the responsibility of man to nature, the development of interregional and international cooperation in environmental protection and the formation of ecological culture.

The objectives of the Forum:
• To achieve maximum interaction and participation of public authorities, local government, academia, entrepreneurs, public organizations and mass media in matters of natural resources, development of urban areas, preservation of ecological balance;
• Develop recommendations for effective and comprehensive solution to the problems of resource, environmental sanitation in the region, economic development in balance with nature, raising ecological awareness;
• Reducing human impact on natural ecosystems;
• Forming a deep interest in environmental issues and ways to address them;
• Encouraging the transition from thinking about and understanding of natural phenomena and environmental issues to social action, moral action.

Source: http://www.ecoforum.ks.ua

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