House of vintage cognacs ‘Tavria’ wins again!

A string of well-deserved awards the House of vintage cognacs ‘Tavria’ has won in the contest ‘Yalta. Golden Gryphon-2012.’ Tavrian wine makers have got seven awards.

July 7, at the Yalta National Institute of Grapes and Wine ‘Magarach’ the International competition ‘Yalta. Golden Gryphon-2012’ closing ceremony was held. As a result of the competition the best products have been awarded 10 Grand Prix cups, 124 gold, 90 silver and 12 bronze medals. It is noteworthy that five of the 10 Grand Prix was awarded to the samples of cognacs.

House of vintage cognacs ‘Tavria’ received seven awards at once: ordinary cognacs ‘Tavria VS,’ ‘Tavria VSOP’ and brandy collection ‘Imperial’ were awarded gold medals.

In ‘Best Cognac of the Year’ the vintage cognac ‘Tavria XO’ Kakhovka lux has won.

Collection Cognac ‘Dnepr’ deservedly received Grand Prix Cup. Another contest won the highest assessment table of semi-dry white wine ‘Smaragdov’ (harvest of 2011) - Silver medal. Creative approach to the design of HVC ‘Tavria’ products and did not go unnoticed. As a result – award for the best design of the bottle ‘Captain Premium’ by TM ‘Tavria.’

The complete cycle of production, quality control, and 120 years of impeccable reputation have allowed the House of vintage cognacs ‘Tavria’ to get the deserved victory once again gaining.

By the way, this year at the International competition ‘Yalta. Golden Gryphon-2012’ was introduced 61 winery products from 9 countries. In the course of the contest 264 wine products were tasted – grape and fruit wines, cognac and brandy, champagne and sparkling wines.

For wine, brandy and champagne, which received the highest score in the competition, at the competition was introduced the category ‘Best Wine of the Year,’ ‘Best Cognac,’ ‘Best Sparkling of the Year.’ For significant contributions and achievements in the production ‘Best Winemaker of the Year’ diploma established. All members of the international jury, which composed of top experts from all member countries of the competition, have got diplomas.

The organizers of the contest the next consecutive year are the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine, National Institute of Grapes and Wine ‘Magarach,’ International Federation of the Union of Winegrowers and Winemakers of the UIC (Union of Independent States) countries and the Union of Crimean wine.

Contact Information:
PR office of the House of vintage cognacs ‘Tavria’
Tel.: +38 0562 366-111, Fax: 366-111
E-mail: wineholding@gmail.com

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