Muzykivka residents have the right to health

Village Muzykivka again showed their level of competitiveness. Today in Muzykivka’s school was held summing up the implementation of the UNDP project "I have the right to health", which implements the NGO “Turbota". Its mission is to build sustainable partnerships between community, government, business and other concerned parties; it gather local community efforts to improve conditions for the right to quality and affordable medical care, development and implementation of health programs for the local community and others.

The project "I have the right to health" combined kindergarten, school and clinic of village Muzykivka. In school and kindergarten children were taught to monitor their health since the youngest age and this was carried out to a large-scale campaign: was created a puppet show with the acquisition of all necessary equipment for it (including a laptop and microphone) - now kids are happy to take part in the creation of performances and performs hygiene rules. In school, students attend information and prevention classes, participated in competitions on the theme of healthy lifestyle, created propaganda team of 20 volunteer students.

In Muzykivka’s ambulatory doctors from Kherson cardiological clinic and CE "BSRL" regularly made consultations within 6 months. Advice received more than 650 villagers. Highly qualified specialists conducted an early diagnosis, treatment, prevention of complications. Was revealed non-insulin diabetes in 18 patients, insulin - in 5, glucose tolerance violation - 10 people. A correction of treatment of 73 patients with diabetes and 577 patients with hypertension and coronary heart disease, disturbances of heart rhythm was made. In ambulatory held trainings for ambulatory patients. Within the project was created 2 stations for measurement of blood pressure.

Muzykivka residents are infinitely grateful to the Head of Village Council - Leybzon Alexander and the Head of physician ambulatory - Plahtyr Liliya. They are on their own enthusiasm do everything possible to make Muzykivka the most competitive village of Kherson region.

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