In the Kherson region will be plant for tomatoes processing

December 6, 2011, in the Regional State Administration held working group meeting to consider matters concerning the implementation of the project of the company "Agrofusion" about the construction of the processing complex of 180 thousand tons of tomatoes in Chaplinka district of the Kherson region.

The meeting was attended by Deputy Head of Regional State Administration Anatoliy Khomenko and Michael Melnik, Head of Chaplinka regional state administration Vladimir Beryslavsky, president of holding "Agrofusion" Sergei Sypko, vice president of holding "Agrofusion" Ivan Shulga, other team members and invitees.
According to the investment proposals of "Agrofusion" – well-known producer of tomato paste in Ukraine, to the end of 2013 is scheduled to activate plant of tomatoes processing with capacity 180 thousand tons per season in Chaplinka district of the Kherson region.

The "North" and "Southern" plants of the company processed 300 thousand tons of tomatoes per season (5 thousand tons per day).
Customer of the construction is Farm "Integrated Agro Systems" which is a part of the holding "Agrofusion."
As the Deputy Head of Regional State Administration Anatoliy Khomenko said, for the Kherson region implementation of the investment project is extremely important because every year is increasing volumes of agricultural production, which requires the development of the field of storage and processing.

The project also involves getting funds into the region, establishing trading relationships with wholesale Ukrainian and foreign companies, the development and implementation of innovative food technologies.
We recall that the Chairman of the Kherson Regional State Administration Mykola Kostyak together with the holding "Agrofusion" visited the province of Parma in Italy, where it was agreed to supply equipment for the plant.
In addition, according to the instructions of the Head working group was established with this project, which will accelerate the solution of problems, if they arise, and help put into operation range in a short time.

Source: http://www.postfactum.ks.ua

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Anis / 20.09.2012 12:47
I have been so bewliederd in the past but now it all makes sense!

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