The state allocated 36 million UAH on a final around the clock water supply of Kherson

June 25 in Kherson with the participation of the Head of Kherson Regional State Administration Mykola Kostyak solemnly began the final stage of works to ensure around the clock water supply and sewerage of Kherson residents for the implementation of which 36 million UAH from state budget was allocated.

Allocation of costs made possible the direct lobbying by Mykola Kostyak this issue at Government level, as well as coordination and effective work of government and Kherson Gorvodocanal (City Water Utility) staff. Final works of Kherson around the clock water ensure consists of 3 stages.

The first of these - the reconstruction of well of Verhnoantonivskoho group water intake, located in the village Antonivka along the Dnieper (change of 9.6 km. of pipes, which were laid in 1965-1979 years), and reconstruction of water supply from the Tekstylnykiv township to the 40 years of October Square, that is on the 4th Tavrichecky microdistrict (change of 3.9 km. of pipes, which were laid in the 1980's).

The second - a drilling and construction of 7 new wells and connect them to a new water supply and rehabilitation of existing wells with the replacement of pump-power equipment.

The third stage - the reconstruction of 18 heating units, which will replace old energy-consuming equipment in a modern station of cold water pumping.

"If in 2010 only 47% of residents of Kherson could use water around the clock, so now 70% can do it. Just in a few months, this figure will be close to 100%. I recall that the first step in achieving this goal was to replace 10 km of emergency sewers. For this 38 million UAH from the state budget was allocated. And then only a few believed that this may happen," - said Mykola Kostyak.

RSA Chairman added: "Today we begin the second phase. There is much more faith. Where does it come from? - A key reason for this revival of Kherson water networks will explain two digits. Subventions from the state budget for the modernization of Kherson Gorvodocanal were: in 2005-2009's - 5.5 million, while, as in 2010-2012 - 76 million."

Mykola Kostyak also noted that the central Ukrainian government, the leadership of Kherson, regional centre, Gorvodocanal staff are working as a team around the clock to restore water supply and sanitation in Kherson.

Around the clock water supply for many Kherson residents is a real miracle, because some of them do not remember a time when water flowed from the crane all day long! For example, Shumensky microdistrict was disconnected from the around the clock water supply in 1976, and some areas of Tavrichesky microdistrict never knew such luxury.

Therefore, the authorities of the city and region as well as team of "Competitive Kherson region" Project call Kherson residents to appreciate the work of Gorvodocanal and to use efficiently of one of the most valuable natural resource - water.

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