Living History and Reconstruction Centre "Oleshye"

Living History it is when alive modern people today try to live as if they have lived "long time ago." They go away from civilization and spend the time exceptionally surrounded by items of archaeological value, or handmade household items, similar to the historical.

You will wonder what a great influence on the mood makes at least a couple of days spend without a mobile phone, payments on loans, deposit rates, the dollar and politicians. All of these wonderful gifts of civilization we change from time to time to the opportunity to plunge into feasts, tournaments and outings.

"Oleshye" for many years is engaged in the reconstruction of mode of life, clothes and weapons of our ancestors.

Activity of the Living History Сentre for several years aims to develop four major projects:

- History is near (the project is intended to correct, supplement, and to form a correct idea of historical events, in which our region has been involved).

- Centre for the study of Crafts (creation of a centre of study, development and dissemination of folk arts and crafts, the restoration of broken traditions (with Mykola Litvinov).

- An interactive museum of wooden shipbuilding (the uniqueness of the museum is in its interactivity. Boats are not glazed, lifeless exhibits, but acting samples of shipbuilding intended for navigation on the rivers and seas).

- City Design (the project “City Design” aims to establish and improve the ergonomics, ecology and aesthetics of the city of Kherson and Kherson region).

Living History Centre "Oleshye" constantly realize a variety of small actions and projects. After all, it’s boring just to "know", "be able" and to "understand". Therefore, we are constantly busy with something - build, organize, produce. Centre is developing a program of excursions for Kherson, region and country, conducts tours of local history in the water maze of the Lower Dnieper, elective courses, and preparing crafts for school clubs.

In "Oleshye" the air of Kherson steppes is intertwined with the ringing anvil, the noise of the river and the rustle of grass steppe, the smell of cooked foods on the fire according to the recipes of our ancestors. Here the dashing fellows shoot a bow and beautiful girls, dressed in traditional outfits of Oleshye, do needlework. The Centre is glad to see clever heads and industrious hands. If you have an aspiration and desire - to find common ground and make this world better is always possible!

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