"Kherson initiative 2030"

The world is in search of new paradigms of civilization development. The ideology and philosophy of life are rethinking. Consumer model of social development with anthropogenic pressures and the cult of material accumulation inferiors to new social and humanistic ideas.

There comes a time for model of sustainable and balanced development of human civilization based on the harmony between man and nature. Global vector of civilization is changing. Gradually the transition of the biosphere to the scope of reason – the noosphere, the epoch of human values is held. The emergence of new and innovative areas of development is directly related to science, so, science has to meet the complete rethinking of its approaches.
General philosophical direction of research is synergy, which considers the self-organized model of the world in the context of complex systems that are constantly evolving, which include both the person and any industry, territory and the planet as a whole. This synergy provides a basis for describing the mechanisms of innovations. This synergy with ideological point of view is the theory of evolution.

In modern conditions, public administration, business and public organizations increasingly require an effective tool for predicting technological change. This is necessary for production and making the best and the least wrong strategic decisions.

Over the last 10-15 years, technological foresight became necessary tool for all developed countries and most authoritative international organizations (European Union (EU), United Nations Technological Development - UNIDO, etc.) in solving of short-term and long-term problems, planning and making strategic decisions of industrial and economic development of both individual countries and some regions of the world.

Mission of the Project: development of innovative predictive model of humanitarian and technological development of Kherson region and Ukraine in the long term to 2030.

Aim of the Project: to start the process of developing of forecasting scenarios of socio-economic development of the region in the long term and organize the implementation of the optimal model of high-tech development in Kherson region.

Tasks of the Project:

- сombine the interests and efforts of educators, scientists, entrepreneurs, NGOs and government in the development and implementation of the optimal model of high-tech development of Kherson region in the long term;

- attract a wide range of pupils, students, young scientists to develop proposals for model of development of the region in the long term;

- attract domestic and foreign experts in all fields of knowledge to participate in the Project;

- develop and organize the implementation of humanitarian, social, infrastructural, environmental, energy and commercial projects of the territories development within the Project;

- provide resource content and professional project management for the development of the territories.

Components of the Project "Kherson initiative 2030":

- formation of the creative team to develop predictive scenarios of socio-economic development of the region in the long term and organizing the implementation of the optimal model of high-tech development of the Kherson region;

- creation of Interuniversity laboratory of studying of the competitiveness of specialists, products, services, companies, clusters, territories;

- creation of the Project "Naukohrad" (“Science City”) which includes two components:

1. Creation of educational-scientific-industrial clusters to increase productivity in the work of all sectors of socio-economic complex of the region.
2. Creation of high-tech jobs for graduates of colleges and universities.

- Creation of youth club, which in its activity could provide an interdisciplinary examination of current problems of the region - political, economic, social, environmental, technological, cultural and socio-psychological - in their interactions as part of a whole in a global space.

The Project is a combination of efforts of education, science, business, government and civil society, people who take responsibility for the sustainable development of the region in the long term.

Welcome to the discussion of the idea and constructive suggestions for its implementation.

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Mimy / 15.03.2013 11:10
Glad I've filanly found something I agree with!

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