International Forum of regional competitiveness

In an increasingly globalized world today, generating a lot of crises, on the one hand there is a need to develop a common strategy for finding new ways of development of civilization and philosophical values, in restructuring the world economy and the transition to environmentally sustainable development, education and innovative thinking, etc. But it is also not less important the search of individual models of territorial development, enhance their competitiveness and thereby providing an opportunity not to enter into competition with other territories, but reinforce each other and become stronger and more successful.
Ukraine needs its own site, where you can talk about the future of the country, its role on the world stage, the prospects of reform, modernization and innovation, as well as to conduct annual monitoring of the effectiveness of regional development in the context of the socio-economic reform – assessing the area of Ukraine on an index of potential Growth and Competitiveness Index.
That is why the Kherson region initiates an annual International Forum of regional competitiveness, the main purpose of which is to develop methodological, legal and institutional frameworks of enhance of the competitiveness of regions of Ukraine.

The Forum will provide an opportunity to explore the best practices of the formation of project-oriented regional economic policy, the formation of industrial innovation and socio-economic clusters, and discuss ways of forming a favorable business climate in the region, to present a successful mechanisms and instruments to attract domestic and foreign investment to explore approaches to the formation of the projects of “branding of the regions” and the role of staffing, e-governance and spatial planning to improve the competitiveness of the regions.

With the help of the Forum the representatives of all the territories of Ukraine will be able to learn and implement best practices in global and domestic experience in the implementation of social, environmental and economic projects of regional development in order to enhance their competitiveness.

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Imane / 28.02.2012 19:27
Can Ken Seiling be deetafed? Probably not. But, with low voter turnouts the norm, if everyone who didn't like what Kenny is doing in this Region were to turn out and vote against him, he just might be history.Of course I am dreaming!

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