Public Movement "Competitive Kherson region"

Kherson region, has made a choice in favor of a new civilization of social, humanitarian choice, based on the principles of harmony, freedom of choice and responsibility, begins a difficult way to find an innovative formula of successful management of complex social organism, which is the region.

In the current information age, to make the right decisions to accumulate all the vast amounts of information. To cope with these, institutions of power system start strategic partnership with the community – bringing together the experience and intelligence to achieve a synergistic effect.

Kherson region, gave the world the foundations of democracy (300 years ago, the Ukrainian Cossacks, driven by a commitment to freedom, in the desert steppes of Kherson first in the world embodied the democratic model of a society that has become the foundation of the first European constitution - "Constitution of Philip Orlik") - today begins the process of transformation democracy that focuses on the evolutionary ideals, values, responsible attitude and harmonization of social and personal interests of each individual. This position forms a community of citizens, who by virtue of a fundamentally new organizational forms of control of any process - when, instead of a formal structure, there is a flexible system of independent structures united by the unity of purpose.

Public Movement "Competitive Kherson region" emerged as the union of those who realized that the future starts today, eclipsed the ideas, intentions, decisions, actions, actions and decisions of everyone who wants to offer his vision for the development of any area of life, Kherson region, and who ready to implement their ideas to life!

If you want to participate in the reform of the Kherson region, you have an interesting project or you want to join a social movement - write to:

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Dihm / 28.02.2012 06:50
I'm so glad I found my soutlion online.
Caroline / 20.09.2012 09:59
It's great to read something that's both enjoyable and provides pragmatisdc solutinos.
Melany / 14.03.2013 23:20
Great stuff, you hpeled me out so much!

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