Background of the program

The dynamics of the development of the global community will inevitably lead to ever-increasing globalization - economic, political, scientific, technological, cultural and information linkages and integration, which combines various forms of nation-state forms in a single body of world society.

This process is objective and inevitable. It cannot be stopped, as the course of history. In terms of transnational processes a key to successful adaptation and development is a deep understanding of the processes of planetary economy, ecology and other spheres of human life.

Supranational markets dictate new more rough rules, intensifying competition among states and regions in the sphere of new knowledge, technologies and highly qualified personnel, investments, etc. In this regard, there is a need to develop strategic programs to improve the competitiveness of the territory - town, district, region. They should help to determine the correct positioning of the territory in the global division of labor, production and capital.

In currently in Ukraine the implemented Program of Economic Reforms for 2010-2014 "wealthy society, competitive economy, effective state," the main purpose of which - of systematic fundamental changes in all spheres of society.

The "Competitive Kherson" - the mechanism of the program at the regional level.

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