Structure of the Program

The Program consists of target, cross-sectoral and sectorial programs. They provide the formation of highly skilled human resources management (heads of government, business and civic organizations should be able to initiate, develop and implement the humanitarian, social, environmental and economic development projects).

Creates the conditions for implementing of electronic control (the computer system of projection, planning and monitoring of socio-economic development of the region). Form principles of the development o the territory on the basis of socio-economic cluster (voluntary convergence of interests and opportunities of science, education, government, manufacturers, financial institutions for implementation of investment and innovation projects in the agricultural sector, energy, environment, logistics, tourism, and recreational areas).

Promote the establishment of the office of management of projects of innovative and investment development and monitoring of realisation of the Program of increasing of competitiveness.

And also initiate implementation of the principles of strategic marketing (‘branding’) of the region.

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