"Return to the spiritual sources"

Social processes of globalization and technocracy have contributed a number of transformations that gave rise not only the positive progress, but also resulted in negative inevitable processes. Among them at the first place is computer addiction (Internet addiction), which leads to unthinking, useless expenditure of time with a detriment to health.

Especially acute is an issue of free time for youth who spends much time on computer games and social networks and who are not interested in outdoor recreation and often does not know how to entertain, if there is no computer near. This leads to environmental decline of the soul and to formation of the child-consumer, who is not interested in the outside world. Historical and natural heritage of past generations is covered with dust because the school program may cover only a fraction of this information and young people are not motivated to find such information independently, because as usual they not even imagine that they live in a unique territory.

To increase a cultural level of young people, especially children of school age who better perceive new information, a group of enterprising students developed the program with a number of measures that is called "Return to the spiritual source."

The project aims at forming a young generation of environmental awareness and responsibility for their country and their actions, promotion of people's holidays, customs and traditions, the restoration of spiritual and moral standards, which, unfortunately, influenced by many factors, are neglected or taken as a sign of weakness by young people.

The project consists of two cycles, which are implemented during the year.

The first cycle can be called theoretical. Time of its implementation usually is in November-March. It includes a collection of information (facts about the people who lived in Kherson and made contributions to its development, legends about people and events that took place on our territory, forgotten traditions, rules of farming, etc.) and carrying a virtual tours. Topics of excursions are varied and are conducted in the form of "educational hours" with students in an interactive form (presentations and videos which are accompanied by explanations).

The second cycle is held during warm months. This can be attributed to the practical work. This part of the project involves a variety of tours and travel in those places that have already been worked out theoretically. In fact, coming to a particular place, children already have ideas about it. Theoretical training is motivated to search for new knowledges.

The key moment of practical part is environmentally-historical expedition to SYM (Slavic Youth Parking). This campground, where children perform a variety of work in the spheres of ecology and history, do the historical reconstruction and entertainment events.

The project is implemented within three years. Searching and involvement in the project of new partners and concerned activists of the city is made constantly. Already established close cooperation with the Historical Reconstruction Centre "Oleshye."

All interested and concerned people are welcomed for cooperation!

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