Alexander Volokhin

(1828 – 1892)
Famous doer of Zemstvo.

Alexander Volokhin – Kherson representative of landowners’ family and businessmen. Hereditary honorary citizen, known provincial leader. In 1868 – 1874 he was the Head of Kherson Zemstvo.

In 1872 – 1875 – Kherson Mayor. During his presidency City Council adopted the important decision to open public bank in Kherson, Department of National bank. In Kherson were opened several new schools: agricultural school, medical school, teacher seminaries and others.

Alexander Volokhin was widely known by significant charitable contributions, opened hospital for his money in Tyahinka and others. In a sign of respect, one of Kherson streets was called his name – Volohinska (now part of the Chervonoflotska St.).

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