Alexander Berezhnoy

(1950 – 2009)
Famous Ukrainian artist, a member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine.

Alexander Berezhnoy was born in Satka in the Chelyabinsk region, Russia. With 13 years of age lived in Ukraine.

The artist, utterly in love with Kherson, sensitive to the unique beauty and charm of the humble old alleys and buildings, a considerable portion of his work devoted to the urban landscape. Or rather – the old, pre-revolutionary Kherson, which conquers by its patriarchal comfort and understated beauty. Alexander was in a hurry to live and work. He left us his paintings. More than three hundred paintings are devoted to the old Kherson streets, its history.

Urban landscape – not the only Alexander’s passion. In 2000 the International exhibition "Expo-2000", his exhibition devoted to "marinas" (picture of the sea), which, incidentally, was placed on the legendary "Tovarisch" in one of the ports of Germany, visited 45,000 people for six months.

 September 9, 2009 artist's life and his wife Tatiana was tragically cut short. They were killed in their apartment. It was not even a robbery, a tragedy occurred on the basis of domestic quarrels.

In memory of the artist discovered a memorial plaque on the house on the Gorky St., 32. Its authors are Victor Tyshkiewich and Alexander Kovach.

Virtual museum of Alexander Berezhnoy www.aberezhnoy.name

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