Alexander Erdely

(1825 – 1898)
Kherson governor from 1876 to 1890, actually – since 1874, when he became acting governor. In 1879, Erdely was awarded the Order of St. Stanislaus of the first degree, in 1883-th – St. Anna of the first degree, in 1888th – St. Vladimir of the second degree. In 1890 became an honorary citizen of Kherson.

The first representatives of Erdely family migrated to North Black Sea in the late XVIII century from Transylvania, already in the XIX century became one of the most famous and wealthy families of the province. Their family estate was in Erdelyivka (now in Kirovograd region). And Tokarivka belonged them in the Kherson region.

All these awards are fully deserved by Alexander and are the result of productive activity for the benefit of the city and region. Thanks to Erdely, the city received such useful facilities as branches of State bank, high school, has been traced water supply system. During his reign were ordered bridges and boulevards, markets and slaughterhouses. On Komsomolskaya St. were focused very nice buildings, appeared there, anyway, thanks to Erdely: Regional Ethnography, Theatre (1889) and Public Library (the decision to build the house was taken in 1882, began raising money, but it was built only in 1897). Here, on Potemkin Boulevard, in 1889, was planned the construction of the department of the State Bank and the District Court. However, the Court was built in 1891-1893 years in Vorontsov St. (Communards) – now there is a house of Museum of local history, and the bank – in 1901-1903 on Pestelevsky Boulevard (Perekopska). In addition, on the Staroobryadcheska St. lived Alexander Erdely till June 1890, when finally moved to his family estate.

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