Alexander Vorona

(Was born in 1925)

An artist.

Alexander Vorona was born in Skadovsk in a peasant family, he spent his childhood here.

Creativity of the artist Alexander Vorona is marked with a significant fertility. He created a number of highly artistic works, which amaze as a range of subjects, and his genre versatility. Theme of public fervor is the most actual for him, and for his works is typical and gallery dedicated to building of energy giants on the Dnieper.

The artist created many commonly posters, which draws attention not only a variety of topics and high personality: "Trade, not war!" (1957), "Curse of the murderers" (1968), "We are faithful to this memory" (1984) , "Warning – Stalinism." Numerous exhibitions, in which he participated for many years, are evidence of his skill and high fertility.

Proper evaluation of artistic work of the artist was, when he was awarded the title of Honoured Artist in 1969.

Democratic direction of the artist’s works and the propensity to concise and monumental forms led him to the mosaic-murals: "Science" (size 240 m2), "Revolution," "Victory," "Work" (1967), stained glass "Victory" at the National Museum of History Ukraine (1977), "Southern Bug" and so on.

Alexander Vorona’s works attracts attention as connoisseurs and admirers of fine art.

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