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Welcome to Kherson region – the place where spiritual beauty of the citizens and virgin beauty of the nature can give you special power of inspiration. Exactly this place became a cradle for Russian avant-garde esthetical revolution of man’s consciousness which brought pulsing rhythm of real life into the canvas of art.

The first futuristic group Gileya was created in XX century in the village Chernyanka (Kahovka district). Its members were Burlyuk brothers, Benedict Livshits, Aleksey Kruchenyh, Vladimir Mayakosvkiy and Velemir Hlebnikov. International exhibitions and shows took place there, the books and albums were published there. Kherson museums and private collections keep the personal things, notebooks and other unique items of the Gileya members (among them is original of the Burlyuk picture “Chernyanka”).

It was in Kherson where a genius director Vsevolod Meirkhold finally “found himself” and started to realize his innovatory ideas. The plays of his “avant-garde theatre” put so big impression on audience that in the intermission nobody talked. Nowadays the center of Meirkhold operates in Kherson, showing to documentary performances and holding annual festival “Lyutiy Fevral.” Every year the following festivals take place in Kherson: festival of modern poetry “AeT-R-Act” takes (the verses are declared under the star sky), festival of modern art “Terra futura” (the catalogues of festival works go to museum of Burlyuk in Japan), and international theatre festival “Melpomena Tavrii” (theatres from different countries arrive) etc. The theatre of experimental analytical drama “Masterskaya Knehta” operates in Kherson. Also you can find chamber home theatre and museum of modern art, located in the apartment of its creator – artist Vyacheslav Mashnitskiy, where you can see interesting expositions, performances of modern artists, and presentations of authors’ projects.

For many years Kherson region was a movie set for leading movie studios (Odessa studio, Sverdlovsk, Dovzhenko, Gorkiy, Mosfilm). Annual festival of amateur movie “Kinokemeriya” takes place here. Ukrainian project of informal cinema education “Cinemahall” operates in city. Kherson region is a motherland for many festivals: folk, ethnical, rock, jazz, religious etc. Here one can listen to jazz on the streets, young people dance passionate salsa on the bank of the river, and on the cinema building you can find manually painted posters.

The huge art potential of Kherson region creates wonderful things. City Tsuryupinsk is the motherland of the famous folk artist Polina Raiko, who started painting in the age of 69 after tragic death of her daughter, son and husband. “I started to sing to avoid crying” – said artist and spent all her money for paints. For several years she turned her house into art museum where children acuteness helps you to reconsider your life. Visit Kherson region and you will understand the truth of Polina Raiko’s phrase “How to find a road to paradise..”

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Ryuuzdi / 28.02.2012 02:23
Good point. I hadn't tughoht about it quite that way. :)
Akar / 28.02.2012 09:57
Hi Kylie,The Outsiders Festival sdnous great. Thank you for sharing might have to try and get there.Have a wonderful and blessed week,Jillian

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