Biosphere Reserve Ascania-Nova

As you come to the  Ascania-Nova reserve, the place, which is assigned to the «100 great reserves and parks» of the world, and «7 wonders of Ukraine», you will be able to see the unique piece of land never touched by a plough – the only one in Europe!

Having arrived here, you will get to a huge open-air museum with its lonely ancient mounds and the stoned Scythian women created by ancient sculptors.

Here you can walk in the steppe, woods and parks, to admire artificial ponds and channels, to observe multitude animals and birds. Only here you may see, steppe llamas grazing,
Scottish ponies, wild horses, the American bisons, Сarthusyan buffalos, as well as saigas - the most ancient hoofed animals and coevals of mammoths.

Here in the south of Ukraine you can see live ostriches, emu, rhea, bustards, pheasants, peacocks, zebras, Arabian and Bactrian camels, deers, the Indian and African antelopes.

This unique place will necessery surprise you and remain in your memory forever.


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