Tsar’s Barrows

If you are being attracted by secrets and treasures of ancient worlds – you must surely attend Scythian barrows. In this very place the Scythian Tsars were brought for burial – these places considered to be the most honorable.

When you walk up on one of the barrows you can enjoy unusual beauty: quiet river, forest, lands and thousand-year history by some magical way merge together – and you feel how many want to tell these ancient embankments…

And also on the territory of boundless spaces of Kherson region you can meet stone statues with crossed arms – they are called “stone image”. The ancients believed that the soul of ancestors lived in statues, on which mystical power depended harvest and welfare (if they are disturbed – the trouble can’t be past), that’s why while looking ancient monuments – be respectful.

Touch with antiquity – and secrets of the world become more understable to you!


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