Because at this very place under leadership of David Burluk in his house in the beginning of XX century the first futuristic group “Gileya” the members of which were: V.Khlebnikov, M.Larionov, N.Goncharova, A.Remizov,
V.Mayakovskij, V.Tatlin, A.Kruchenuh, B.Lifshic was born.

Here were played theatrical performances, reciting poetry, had been written hundreds of poems and prose, created many sketches and pictures with views of Chernyanka.

If you are interested to hear or to see the works of modern artists – you can do it during the holding of annual festival of modern art «Terra Futura», which is being held in Kherson (catalogues of festival works are becoming the pieces of Burluks’ museum in Japan).

Come to Chernyanka, feel the tart taste of south vanguard!


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