Tsyurupinsk district

Welcome to a unique area of the Kherson region with an unexpected history, controversial name, a combination of rare natural phenomena. Put your affairs in order to get to know Tsyurupinsk district right now!

A thousand years ago in this area was trade in full swing. Through the territory of the district was held a well-known trade route «From Vikings to Greeks», worked here the main port of Kievan Rus – Oleshshya. 300 years ago, in 1711, on the territory of the district was founded a settlement in which people lived on the principles of the world's first democratic constitution. Created with the permission of the Crimean Khan, the settlement was called Oleshkivska Sich. It was a territorial and military organization of Ukrainian Cossacks. The founder of the Sich – ataman Kost Gordienko has co-authored the world's first democratic constitution by Philip Orlik, created a year earlier – in 1710, in Bendery (now located in the territory of Transdnistria) and approved by the Swedish King Charles XII.

The district is named in honour of teammate of Vladimir Lenin – a native of the area, Alexander Tsyurupa. Having to spend one of the organizers of the social-democratic circles in Kherson, he participated in the revolutionary events of 1905-1907 in Ufa. Since 1918, Alexander Tsyurupa served as commissar of Food of newly formed socialist state, and then held other senior positions, including the State Planning Commission, People's Commissariat of Internal and External Trade.

The area is truly unique in its nature. There is planted the world's largest artificial forest in the middle of which you can be accessed in only desert in Europe – «Oleshkivsky sands». The area is rich with beautiful river maze – Dnieper creeks, including residents of Kherson and Tsyurupinsk who are so fond of picnics! There is also a strange little lake with water saturated with iodine refreshing. In colour it resembles the drink Coca-Cola. Water is black and hisses when you come into it. Any minor cuts, wounds and other skin problems in this miracle water disappear instantly.

Tsyurupinsk district is close to Kherson – on the opposite bank of the Dnieper. It is very convenient to reach it. Arriving to the Kherson region, do not miss the opportunity to visit one of the most unique places in the world. A story about staying in the Tsyurupinsk district will make you interesting to talk to any company for life.

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