Ephim Mikhailov

(1885 – 1935)
Was born in Oleshky (now Tsyurupinsk). He graduated from Kherson Technical High School, where he held his art "christening." In the age of twelve, Ephim Mikhailov painted a charcoal portrait of Zhukovsky.

Kherson Zemstvo recognized the artistic talent of the future painter, he was appointed in 1902 a scholarship for study of ceramic art in the famous Strohanivsk Art and Industrial School.

The artist stood out strikingly among the contemporary painters with his works. According to folklore origins they have affinity with the works of P. Kholodny and O. Sudomora, graphic compositions by its exquisite rhythmic construction pointed out impacts of V. Krichevsky. His talent as graphic painter was realized in design of books, numerous illustrations, ornamental covers of magazines, posters.

An artist didn’t broke the connection with the homeland. In April 1927, at the invitation of the Kherson Museum he attended the art exhibition, which exhibited "Seagull", a cycle of sonatas "Ukraine" ("Old Cemetery," "Ruined peace," "Wandering Spirit"), "Mill" and "Spring."

Literary heritage of Ephim Mikhailov is not investigated, he hardly published. The latest poetry publication is designated of 1917 year (magazine "Shlyakh"). The artist believed that it’s hard to serve both muses, so poetic muse went by the wayside. He sometimes wrote poetry, but only for himself, for family use, not for printing.

The artist gave all that could on the altar of Ukraine. Some of his works were neglected or even destroyed by descendants. Most of the works of Ephim Mikhailov are located in the United States.

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