Extreme tourism

If you are tired of routine days – give yourself unforgettable emotions from meeting “extreme” Kherson region!

The deep waters of the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov are waiting for you in order to open their mysteries for you! Kherson region has been admiring the diving lovers for a long time – in 2010 International Diving Festival “Artificial riffs” appeared here. The qualified diving specialists will teach and prepare you for the fist dives; also they will provide new equipment and show you the most interesting places!

Azure waves and tender fair wind are waiting for the lovers of windsurfing!

Kherson region river valleys invite the ones who love riding canoes, catamarans, kayaks and floats. Dnieper flood plains welcome both experienced extreme lovers and newcomers who can use easy water ways.

If you prefer dry land Kherson region can offer you hiking and horse riding, having also lots of difficulties and dangers.
Just in the Kherson region you can overcome the largest desert in Europe – Oleshkovsky Sand: to feel like Bedouin, to settle a tent, enjoy endless vastnesses and star sky! Or you can try safari on 4-wheelers.
If you prefer rock-climbing, our artificial hills are just for you!

Steppes, forests, waters and swamplands of Kherson region wait for the lovers of hunting and fishing (local fishing and hunting clubs can offer you suitable places and provide everything you need for a wonderful rest)!

Besides you can try sky-jumping, air-balloons (with initiation for balloonist). And also the wilds of the biggest in the world artificial forest wait for you to play paintball and strikeball!

Visit Kherson region – paint your life with bright colours!
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