Ethnic tourism

Kherson region invites you to take a walk through time and plunge into the mysterious ancient world, with fun itineraries ethnicity (historical) tourism!

You can visit the city and the country that are not on modern maps and plunge into the lifestyle of ancestors, try yourself as a rower ща drakar, medieval artisan, baker or even a prince! You will be able to stay alone with nature, learn to use stars instead of GPS navigator and conquer the elements without the usual attributes of protection!

Kherson offers to be in the midst of reviving history: interactive scenes that are completely recreate the daily life of the past for you, extreme tours ща "survival schools" that offer you make on foot, horseback, boat transitions in the absence of modern things. Folk rituals and festivals are waiting for you, opening a new sense of folk traditions Carnival, Midsummer, Christmas ... and more – festivals of historical reconstruction will offer you to witness these military campaigns, fierce battles and pompous celebrations!

Depending on the time and desire you can make a few-hours trip and multi-day tour that will stop the passage of time and hide you from the inevitable development of civilization tread!

Visit the Kherson region – experience a true taste of history!
More information can be found here:
Centre of Living History, "Oleshshya"

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