Eugene Vadon

Technician, an industrialist. Founder of cast iron and Mechanical Plant (1855) in Kherson shipyard (early 70's of XIX century). The founder of modern shipbuilding at Kherson.

In the early nineteenth century in Russia there were two organizations that had the right to order and construct military ships: Marine Ministry and the Committee to strengthen the navy on voluntary donations. In late 1911 Kherson entrepreneur, owner of iron-foundry and ship-repair plant Eugene Vadon, in order to expand production, presented in the City Council request to lease plots of urban land on Quarantine Island. The request was granted. Moreover, in a year entrepreneur got a big government contract to build military ships. The news stirred the sleepy atmosphere of the province of Kherson. You bet! The new company promised considerable benefits to local communities. Mayor M. Blazhkov in an interview to “YUG” said: “For Kherson the device shipyard is important in the sense that trades people will be earning, in addition, and the prestige of the city will grow, especially in our interests. With Vadon’s military shipyard city receives many opportunities that in Kherson will be based shipbuilding funds."

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