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"Kherson festival" invites you, which is ready to whirl you round in circles of extravaganza colorful festivals, folklore competitions, vibrant theatrical premieres and memorable events of the art world!
Friendly residents of Tavria region so fond of life that their energy produces a wide variety of events!

You will see a lot of music festivals: Singing Competition at the "Black Sea Games," a dance festival "Stars of Arabat," rock duel "Premiere" and "Step into the Future" (“kRock u maybutne”) (during which you can enjoy the best works of modern rock music) as well as "Jazz on the sea." Amatours of folk instruments invites ensemble festival "Chumackiy Shlyakh" and Cossack song amateurs - "Sloboda Cossack circle." In the Kherson region you can enjoy a national folklore festival in the "Kupalsky Zori" and taste the delicious products of the fertile lands in the Kherson Festival "Ukrainian melon - sweet miracle!"

You are invited by the festival of national cultures "Tavria family" by which you will learn that in the Kherson region (the most multi-ethnic region of Ukraine) in love and harmony are inhabited by more than 120 nationalities.

For very young guests Kherson prepared Children's Art Festival: "Little Star" (“Malenki Zirochki”), "Christmas Island" (“Ostrov Rojdestva”), "Golden grain" (“Zolotoe Zernishko”), and more - a festival of creativity of children with disabilities, "We can all" and the festival for children from orphanages, "Towards a Dream"!

International Festival of ecologists, divers and journalists "Artificial reefs" is waiting for you. A taste of flying festival invites you to aeronautics, and Ukrainian Bike Fest will give you an unforgettable feeling of inner freedom!

You are invited by the International Theatre Festival "Melpomene of Tavria," International Festival of unprofessional Movie "Kinokimmeriya" (which is intended to resume amateur movie in Ukraine), the International Poetry Festival "AnT-R-Act" (which is interwoven with the poetry of music, photography and visual arts), a festival of free art «FREEART» (for those who are just starting their career) and the Festival of Contemporary Art «TERRA FUTURA»!

And you will find Kherson - a city of street festivals on the avenues, pedestrian streets and quays of which you will find an incendiary salsa, fire show, theatrical processions and tart syncopations of jazz!

Visit the Kherson region and find out for yourself - holidays can never have enough!

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