Henichesk district

Welcome to Henichesk district, which probably in the near future will become a mecca of development and success! After all, the unique natural and climatic conditions and geographic location created all conditions for this.

The district is located on the shore full of warm sturgeons of the Azov Sea, Utlyutsky estuary and unique salt lake Sivash, which is not inferior in their properties to Dead Sea in Israel. In the Henichesk district are sand-spit peninsula Arabatska Strilka and formed of sand, shell island Biryuchiy. On the island, partitioned in small coves and bays, growing over 150 species of plants and living one thousand deer, antelope, antelopes hundreds, chamois, fallow deer, mouflon-sheep, pheasants. The district is rich in gas, shell, sand, clay, mud and mineral springs.

Now on Arabatska Strilka is located network of boarding houses, children's health institutions and private mini-suites for guests. Here are coming tourists from Germany. In the area is building a grand in size water park and medical eco-city. «Eco Medical Intercity» is one of the most ambitious investment projects in Ukraine. Being in a place where hot mineral water, mud and unique natural and climatic conditions combined into one, this multifunctional complex of rehabilitation can take the treatment, rehabilitation and recovery of about one thousand patients every day!

Scientific and methodical support of the project provides «Institute for Hygiene and Medical Ecology by O.M. Marzeyev», National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine and the International Clinic of Rehabilitation (Truskavets), which developed effective methods of intensive Neurophysiologic Rehabilitation of patients with cerebral palsy and other chronic diseases of the nervous system, known worldwide as the «Method of Kozijavkin».

Henichesk district can boasts of the presence of natural gas. Here, deposits of industrial gas condition, beyond which leave the Sea of Azov, built and operate pipelines. One of the old industrial areas is mining of salt. Many local residents do not quite legitimate fishing sturgeon, which are rich in water of the Sea of Azov. Often, one way out to sea brings fortune to fishermen.

If you do not visit Henichesk district now, you must do it in the future, because soon to Henichesk district will endeavour people from all over the world.

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