Georgiy Kurnakov

(1887 – 1977)
Famous Ukrainian artist, Honoured Artist of the USSR (since 1967).

Georgiy Kurnakov was born in Mariupol. Some sources indicate place of birth as Kherson, where the family moved soon. Since 1919 for many years taught painting and drawing in Kherson.

Kurnakov with Shovkunenko brought unspeakable contribution to art development in Kherson. In his works, at first sight not seen skill, he professed deeply philosophical, lyrical, tone art, which was the second feature of creativity of the next generation of Kherson artists. Kurnakov for 60 years was always an example to his colleagues in the service of art fair, delicate understanding of nature.

Kurnakov played a decisive role in the development of art of 1920ies in the Kherson region.

He died October 20, 1977 in Kherson.

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