Hornostayivka district

Welcome to one of the richest in the number of ancient burial sites and the youngest district of the Kherson region – Hornostayivka district.

Having the name of the settlers from the village Hornostayivka, located in the Kiev region, district retains evidence of ancient life in this area. There are the remains of late Bronze Age settlement, settlement of Scythian and Sarmatian age, stone women nomads of XI-XIII centuries. In the vicinity of the village of Cairo found parking of Mesolithic, Neolithic burial of IX-XI centuries. In general, the local archaeological monument stands reach twenty thousand years!

The administrative centre of the district – Hornostayivka – was once the Golden Horde city called Rohat-Kermen. The village is neat and very respectful, as has its own anthem, which glorified hard and always honourable in the Kherson region work of ploughmen.

Hornostayivka district – a great place to relax. Here, on the Kakhovka Reservoir, near the villages Kairy and Zavodivka you can fish among natural beauty, put the tent camp and experience a sense of primitive man.

Visit Hornostayivka district, because it deserves to familiarize you with its very ancient past.

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